Check the link below to see the Love n Dub Clothing feature in Subsource magazine, written by Liam Guesswerk. It is really amazing to be featured on an online magazine that is so very cool, quirky and underground.…



Sending out orders!

The double logo Tee is a clear key driver at £17. Street wear people are literally loving it. It is great to be sending some Tee’s out to people who appreciate street wear and like simplistic street styling. LOVE WHAT YOU WEAR, Is the heart and soul of Love n Dub Clothing. It seems crazy that I started this a university project and now I am sending out product and promoting Love n Dub Clothing at underground music raves.




I am very proud to say that Love n Dub Clothing is now available to buy online. There is only limited stock at the moment as Love n Dub Clothing is a completely new and unique brand. Which is very amazing as not everyone will be wearing it. Make your own trend, be street and shop online. The cool simplistic Tee’s can be paired with trainers, Bum bags, ruck sacks and make them you. 



Love n Dub Clothing
“Live and love what you wear.”
Up and coming London based brand Love n Dub Clothing offers unique unisex t-shirts, influenced by street style and urban cityscapes. Offering something different for those who are part of the electronic music and underground rave scene, Love n Dub allows an insight into the London underground lifestyle through sharp design, art, quality and attention to detail.
The intrinsic connection between music and street wear fashion have been the main influence and inspiration behind the start up of Love n Dub. Bridging the gap between music, fashion, art and culture, founder Verity Bradford’s approach to creating clothing that is wearable and practical, as well as being indicative of who you are as an individual, is bold and refreshing, and representative of what ‘youth culture’ truly stands for in the UK.